Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Laughing in the Face of My Least Favorite Month (an ongoing project)

March 10th - Reason to be cheerful: American Graffiti

This is one of my "desert island films" - a movie I would take with me and watch over and over, and never grow tired of.  I know it's billed as a comedy, but I've always seen it as a bittersweet homage to the end of an era - just months before the death of JFK would knock America on its collective ass. We focus on a late summer's night where the concerns are mostly automotive or hormonal...and the whole thing is set to a treasure trove of golden oldies.  George Lucas might have been the man who brought us Star Wars, but American Graffiti is, in my humble opinion, his real masterpiece.  This one always puts a smile on my face.


laura linger said...

I agree 100%

Rick said...

One great flick. To me this movie was not only about a moment in history but one of the great coming of age stories of our time. How many future stars were in that movie...a gazillion.