Monday, March 08, 2010

Laughing in the Face of My Least Favorite Month (an ongoing project)

March 8th - Reason to be cheerful: Rhapsody In Blue by George Gershwin
Hands down, one of the most gorgeous pieces of music, ever.  A little bit of jazz, a touch of classical, a hint of me, this piece always evokes a romanticized version of Gotham at sunrise, and then slowly stretching and waking up until the entire city is in full gear and full glory.


iasa said...

I love Gershwin, don't listen to him nearly enough.

Zelda Parker said...

Too bad that you don't like March I do, it's my birthday week. Today while filing I came across the family genealogy materials. Today woudl have been my grandmothers 100th birthday. Wish I had some choclalte cake and ice cream!

Virginia Gal said...

Yes this is beautiful, though sadly since United commandeered the music, I always think of planes when I hear Rhapsody in Blue. Another classic jazz piece that I love is Take 5.