Monday, February 15, 2010

We Are the Rich, We Are The Famous - or - A Man of a Certain Age Watches "We are the World 25"

So, I recently watched the video to We Are the World 25 - a remake of the classic, We Are The World. Remember that old chestnut; a group of egos singers crowded together and sang a treacly melody, the profits of which, were used to assist the famine victims in Africa.

This time the egos have landed again singing to benefit those affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

Yeah, yeah, I know a good cause.

OK, so the first thing that bothers me is Jamie Foxx using the word "amazing" when introducing the song. You know me, I hate the overuse of that damn adjective - so there's that.

Anyway the song kicks off and here is this little boy singing, who is he? Why is he opening up the song? Is he a star? Was there a rider in Michael Jackson's will indicating that if anyone ever redid this song, a prepubescent child would have to sing it? Whatever, he was awful.

Then a a bunch of other people start singing, I did not recognize half of them. Eventually, Barbara Streisand shows up - she sings her line, does not even break a sweat, and for a split second, the younger generation is shown how it is done.

Celine Dion is there as well, she looks like she's in pain. Her voice makes my ears bleed.

Pink sounds good. Long live Pink.

A couple of these guys are using vocoders, WTF? Are their voices that weak they need to use studio trickery? Oh wait a second, of course they do, what was I thinking.

Wyclef Jean is singing in Haiti's native tongue, which is, as I understand it, a combination of Creole and French. Good for him, but he sounds like he's yodeling. His singing gives me a headache.

They also added a bunch of new verses to this song, as if the original wasn't dreadful enough.

When we finally see a group shot, I notice Gladys Knight and Brian Wilson in the crowd. Excuse me? One of the greatest soul singers of all time, and one of the geniuses of rock, and neither got a solo? Who did they have to step aside for, T Pain?

I gagged when Jamie Foxx started doing his lousy imitation of Ray Charles.

There was a lot more, most of it pretty lame.

Look, I hope this stunt raises a ton of money for the folks in Haiti, and if you have not already, please send some money, but as for the video and song, you would do better sticking red hot pokers in your ears - the effect will be startlingly similar.


missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Darling Celine Dion could make Helen Keller's ears bleed.

Pax I agree with completly I think thay where all riding the recording session on Miss Barbara's back. And what on earth where Vince Vaughn and a bunch of Hollywood types doing in the recording??? Just how many of Vince's CD do you have in your CD collection??? Bette Midler dosen't know just how lucky she is, she was working in Vegas and couldn't make the recording session.

Shoebee said...

The kid is Justin Bieber. He is a 15 yo Canadian that made his start on You-Tube. He is the big tween heart-throb.

apt said...

God, I hate Celine.

You have no idea.

Virginia Gal said...

I guess the sentiment was there in helping out Haiti, but why is it only in times of crisis that these things emerge, people are hurting around the world, in similar situations as the Haitians, all the time.

et said...

Pax, you are right on with your comments. I love the cause, but dislike the remake of WATW.