Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fuck You Very Much

Today the New Jersey senate voted against legalizing marriages for gay men and women, and I wanted to say something profound about this...but I am too fucking angry to come up with anything other than a knee jerk reaction.

So be it.

What the fuck is wrong with lawmakers who kowtow to the fucking religious right, the asinine family values crowd, the Rush Limbaugh/Fox News loving assholes who yearn for a time when they were the fucking majority...a bunch of shit-for-brains morons who manage one thing only; to keep our society stagnant, stupid and scared. Jesus, if it was up to these assholes, we'd still own slaves!

Argh!! How the fuck can the marriage between two men, or two women have any type of negative effect on anyone?  Where is the logic?  Does logic even figure into this thing?  Of course not!

With that in mind I just want to say, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, and FUCK YOU, to anyone and everyone that would deny me or any other gay person in this land a basic right. 


missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

I'm actually quite surprised at this It's something you'd expect from the midwest or southern states but not the east coast and Jersey of all places.

iasa said...

couldn't have said it any better myself.