Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vote for The Douche-bag of the Year!

2009 is winding down, and it's time to bestow the honor of  Douche-bag of the Year on one deserving person (or group).  Frankly with the amount of douche-bag-like behaviors seemingly at an all time high this year, just one winner might be a tough call.  But, hey these are tough here are the nominees.


Sarah Palin:  Failed vice presidential candidate, authoress, opinionated harpy, folksy trouble maker, and all around beyotch; this has been a busy year for Caribou Barbie.  But is she truly worthy of the title of Douche-bag of the year?

Glenn Beck: Populist gas bag, cry baby, finger pointer, drama queen.  Can the Christmas Sweater wearer woo the gods of fortune and be named Douche-bag of the Year?

The Banking Industry: You and I bailed them out, they returned the favor by giving themselves raises, going on fabulous trips, fighting against credit reforms tooth and nail, as well as repossessing homes at an astounding rate.  Sounds like Douche-bag behavior to me.  But is it worthy of the top honor?

That couple who crashed the Party at the White House:  A couple of would-be reality stars, I will give them credit for having brass balls, but self promotion of this magnitude is the earmark of a couple of real it enough for the honor?

Joe Jackson: Shortly after his troubled meal ticket son died, Papa Jackson made his first public appearance at the BET plug his record company.  Come on, doesn't that make Joe a top contender for Douche-bag of the year?

The Teabaggers: Rabid groups of misinformed morons pack town hall meetings and shout down proponents of health care reform.  They claim that said reform is akin to Socialism, however, they don't seem to understand exactly what Socialism is.  Fed a steady diet of Fox News and sound bites, these dimwits have brought stupidity to the forefront like never before!  Should they be the collective Douche-bag of the year?

Sen. Joe Lieberman: Oh Christ, could this bastard be anymore of a Douche-bag?  Say it's white, and Uncle Joe will claim it's black. Has been one of the fly's in the ointment concerning Health Care Reform.  Lucky for him, he's got that nice health care package that all high level government folks have.  Douche-bag of the year, or the decade?

OK, you've seen the choices, now go vote at the panel on the right.  We will announce the winner later this week!


missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Darling I think they're all worthy of the title. But afetr watching CNN all week I think Liberman wins it hands down.

Cheekies said...

Wow how can you choose just one? This is a tough one but I want to cast my vote for Joe Jackson. Even a tick stops sucking off of you after you die but not this friggin' guy. That's why he gets my vote!

apt said...

Beck.... Beck all the way.