Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oral Finally Called Home

You guys might remember that holy roller, Oral Roberts, the well coiffed money grubber TV preacher who claimed back in 1987 that if he did not raise 8 million, God was going to "call him home", and due to that outrageous proclamation his sheep flock dutifully sent him close to 9 million.

P.T. Barnum was so right.

Roberts, who died today,  also once claimed that he saw a vision of a 900 foot Jesus who commanded him to build a combination hospital/faith healing complex.  In 1981, The City of Faith Medical and Research center opened.  Apparently faith and common sense don't mix all that well, and the center closed down in 1989.

1987 was Robert's big year.  Besides his vision of dying should he not get money, he also claimed that his wife saved him from Satan himself (when the horned one broke into his bedroom to strangle him).  In May of that year, Roberts sent out (for a small price) packets of what he dubbed, "Miracle Water" that folks should apply to both their bodies, as well as their wallets - apparently he mailed out over one million of the soggy parcels.  And finally, there is the story that Roberts claimed he had raised a child from the dead - later, his son, Richard, added that Daddy Roberts and other preachers raised the dead in over 60 cases - link here for details of 1987

What a life, eh?  A university, a lavish life style, raising children from the dead, visions of monolithic gods, a wife who subdued demons...I mean, man oh man - what's not to envy?  

While I have no respect for any of these charlatans, I have nothing but admiration for the way they fleece millions off of morons who buy into their fantasy claims - why can't I have half the imagination of folks like this, I'd be living the high life.

Rest In Peace, Oral, you scoundrel.


missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Well darling as far as I'm concerned, good riddance to bad rubbish.

Virginia Gal said...

When the heck did you come back to blogging and why wasn't I informed?!

et said...

The good die young and Oral lived to be 91...his estate must be worth billions! I think he out-lived most of his contributors, but for those that are left, his executors will make a statement on the lines of: Please! Please! No Flowers! "Send CASH!"