Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Front of the Line

Tomorrow night, TBS is premiering a new original series, Men of a Certain Age.  And while the press release promises a show about three men in their late 40's exploring life's "second act", it's interesting to note that two of the three leads; Ray Romano,  and  Scott Bakula,  are actually in their 50's (Romano was born in 1957, Bakula in 1954,)- leaving the third lead, Andre Braugher (who was born in 1962) as the only cast member who actually is in his late 40's.  Just wanted to point that out.

That said, I am actually looking forward to seeing MOACA.  Having recently joined the 50 Plus Club,  life seems to have turned into a constant reminder of the fact that I am no longer young (AARP mailings, handfuls of vitamin supplements, emails from my HMO to schedule this test or that one...).  Also, I am finding myself dealing with much younger people constantly - one day, I said something about Grace Kelly to a very young co-worker, who looked at me blankly and asked, "Who is Grace Kelly?"

And then there's that damn commercial with the fifty something guy who waxes poetically , "I can't believe it happened to me, a heart attack at fifty three."   Shit like that makes me long for Viagra ads!  

Sometimes I feel like the whole world has suddenly moved on, leaving me in the dust.  For instance, the other day I was reading about this year's Grammy nominees... I had no idea who half the people mentioned were, and am pretty sure that I was not familiar with any of the songs being celebrated. 
There was this great episode of The Sopranos:  Tony Soprano is at a funeral and he is talking to the son of the man who died (who is approximately the same age as Tony) , and the son asks , "You know the worst part about losing a parent? - It puts you at the front of the line".   Amen to that.  My folks are still hanging on, but I've lost most of my aunts and uncles - hell, I've even lost a few of my contemporary's.

Sometimes, I scan the obituaries and when I see people my age or just a few years older listed, I get a sick feeling in the pit of my gut   - what a drag it is getting old.

I don't think I like being this close to the front of the line, does anyone want to get in front of me?

Damn it: Ray's a year older than me, but he's still got a great head of hair, Andre is one handsome man, and Scott is still sexy as all get out...


missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Darling no matter how you slice it once you hit 50 you're running out the clock until it's time to buy the farm.

I would have slapped that youngster with my Hermes "Kelly" bag and then she would have known who you where talking about.

As for not knowing the the music, well dear you can give yourself for that because it's not really something you can call music.

et said...

Pax, I know just how you feel!

Friday, while on a car ride with my son, Joe, I said, "About six months ago I was in the dentist office and opened a People's Mag. and briefed through to the end. I didn't recognize any of the names nor photos of the celebs." He raised an eyebrow waiting for me to make a point.

I continued with, "Well...I was in the same dentist office last week and opened an up-dated People's Mag." Joe raised his other eyebrow, still waiting for me to make a point. I said, "I still didn't recognize anyone and they were an entirely different set of celebs. I just don't get it! How come none of the stars last longer than a season? I feel like I'm stuck in a time warp and wish Scottie would beam me up!"

Frank said...

Man, I've been at the front of the line for nearly 25 years, which is when my dad died.

Scary to think about...I'm 50 now...hope my guys stay second fiddles for a little while longer.

Pax Romano said...

Frank, we are men of a certain age...time to get that red sports car!

Merci said...

Just WHO is Blake Lively and why is she hosting Saturday Night Live??? ET, I'm with you. I don't recognize any of the so-called stars anymore. As for the music, well, some of the young folks seem to spend more time listening to our generation's music than their own.

Merci said...
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Pax Romano said...

Wait, let me ask the expert:

OH MY GOD! Whatshisname does not know either.

Rick said...

Pax, you young least compared to me, actually what the hell is a whersnapper? I am going to ask all the 20 and 30 somethings in my office tomorrow.

Now what was i saying. Nevermind I forgot.

mommanator said...

dont worry I am already in front of ya