Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Banking Industry: Douche-bag of the Year!

While you and I struggled to make ends meet, they lived off the fat of the land...and when they ran out of fat, they were bailed out by a government who, we hope, knew what they were doing.

From Goldman Sachs to Morgan Stanley, the same folks who needed the American taxpayer to prevent them from going under apparently had a enough left over to dole out million dollar bonuses and take lavish vacations ... while the rest of us were robbing from Peter to pay Paul and discovering the joys of furlough days or just plain scaling back.

Meanwhile the banks and their cohorts were still up to their old tricks: foreclosures were at an all time high, collection agencies were thriving, and people were losing jobs.

Thanks Wall Street!  You have proven beyond any doubt that you are  a collective of blood sucking leeches with souls as black as coal and a moral code akin to ... well actually you have no morals.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Banking Industry: Douche-bag of the year.


Frank said...

I'm going Palin...she wins hands down, although that couple who crashed the White House party is a close second.

mommanator said...

Never thought of that one. Thanks for reminding me YUCK!