Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson's Memorial Service: It's Just Human Nature

Some of us seem stunned at the circus-like atmosphere in Los Angeles today as Michael Jackson's memorial service is being held. Thousands of mourners have shown up, crowding the streets and the arena where the services are being held. All in all, the entire affair looks like something Fellini might have dreamed up.

Of course, public mourning, and over-the-top funeral services are nothing new, in fact it's not even an exclusively American phenomena.

Consider the passing of Eva Peron. The wife of the President of Argentina had died at the age of 33, and a one month period of mourning occurred. Her actual funeral was a three day affair and pretty much shut down the city of Buenos Aires. It is said that some three million people waited 15 hours on line to view her body as it lay in state.
When Judy Garland bought the farm in June of 1969, her funeral and viewing at Campbell's funeral home in New York City brought out over 20,000 who wanted to pay their respects.

Elvis Presley's death, for those of you to young to recall, pretty much stunned the nation. Like Jackson, he was well past his prime when he died, and yet the public out pouring of grief was legendary. Then President Jimmy Carter ordered all flags at half mast on the day of his funeral , and it was reported that 75,000 crowded the streets of Memphis that hot August afternoon in 1977.
So, hold your tongue today, and refrain from the smug feeling of superiority as you watch the goings on in the City of Angels. It might look tasteless and ridiculous to you, but people need to mourn their gods and goddesses when they fall, it's just human nature.


missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Darling while the actual funeral was a bit over the top, a gold plated casket, really dear, how tacky is that, surprisingly the memorial at Staples was not and done in very good taste. The only thing that had me wondering was a photo I saw of a procession of elephants, what? where they recreating Hannibal's march over the Alps.

Pax Romano said...

actually, the real circus was also in town, so there's that.

Liz said...

I was sceptical, but I must admit it was a very touching ceremony befitting The King of Pop. People spoke from the heart. My favorite eulogizers were Brooke Shields, Rev. Al Sharpton and of course little heartbroken Paris Jackson who mostly likely and finally shut all sceptics of her father up once and for all.

mommanator said...

OK, just cause you asked, BUT not being a fan of his I am plain and simple TIRED of it!

missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Darling mommanator come sit by me! I'm not a fan either it's not like it was Dick Haymes. I was tired of it 5 minutes after CNN announced his passing and just when you thought it couldn't get any more bizarre I just read that the LA coroner's office saved his brain.