Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Summer Reading List

For whatever reason, I tend to read more during the summer months. This summer, I have decided to grab a bunch of books, keep them in plain view, and try to make my way through them before the warm weather departs.

I started by reading, The Soloist (a fantastic piece by Steve Lopez; read the book, skip the movie), and then I moved on to the yet-to-be-published, Dracula The Undead (it's coming out this October, read it, but just be prepared for an over the top page turner that will leave you breathless...however, it's no where near as compelling as Bram Stoker's classic...actually it's pretty silly, still though, I could not put it down).

Right now, I am half way thorough A Boardwalk Story (also coming out this fall), and so far, so good. It's a sweet story about a 15 year old coming of age in Atlantic City circa 1939 - for whatever reason, it reminds me of Stephen King's novella, The Body.

OK, I have to confess that the the unpublished novels I manage to get a hold of, are because Whatshisname works in the publishing field, so I often get to read books before the public gets them.

Oh, as for that copy of I am Legend. I wanted to re-read Matheson's classic, but kid-sister has requested it as something to read while she rests up.

So what are you reading?


missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Darling I'm so glad you've finally given up your Harlequin Romances for something a bit more challenging and remember pet if you need help with the big words we'll be here for you.

Star said...

i'm reading 'i know why the caged bird sings' & sterling hayden's 'wanderer' & henry rollins' 'get in the van.' and they are all fabulous so far!!!

Merci said...

Recently finished a really good book (very well written) called City of Thieves. It's set in Russia under German siege during WWII. I'm in the midst of the Tales of the City series (LOVE THEM). Right now I'm reading A Prayer for Owen Meany. Jury's out on it for now.

Just got a library card, so I hope to start spending the odd lunch break finding new books.

Virginia Gal said...

My serious reading includes The Antelope Strategy - about the genocide in Rawanda and The Last Days, about Tsar Nicholas II and the Romanov's final days.

My lite reading includes trashy romance novels and the latest Stephanie Plum book : )

Zelda Parker said...

I noticed the Lennon bio in your pic, sounds appealing to me as well. Have finished alot of stuff lately; Friday Night Knitting Club (fluff piece but mildly amusing),Garrison Keillor's Sandy Bottom Orchestra (good for teens).
Read Jennifer Weiner and Jane Heller, both women's fiction just for fun! Finally finished "Saturday" by McEwan. Whew! The vocabulary would have challenged even Magnolia. Liked the ending but it was the hardest 288 pages I've read in years. The author clearly wants to impress us with his command of the English language. Have been reading Jimmy Carter's "ethics" and Grisham's "Innocent Man" which is a real page turner. I told myself that I could not but another book till I finished the ones I have, guess how long that lasted? About as long as my pledge to read one book at a time. Finally, I have given in to the hype and am starting "Twilight" but it's too early to comment.