Friday, June 19, 2009

Fave Foto Friday : Cell Phone Camera Edition

1: This is what happens when the powers that be issue a memo telling everyone in Officeland NOT to touch the thermostats...
2: The jerk in orange was in front of me on line at the market the other day, while I was waiting to have my salad and iced tea rung up ... see the sign? Well, Mr. Orange shirt thought that it did not apply to him, and he must have had thirty items or better on the belt. Some people think the world turns at a different pace for they and they alone!
3: This creepy sentiment was found just outside the court yard entrance to Officeland. Actually we have a lot of people that work here who think of themselves as god, so it could pretty much be anyone.
4: Six million days of rain, brought a lot flowers to my garden.
5: Ran into this little guy the other day as I was leaving for work. We seem to have family of rabbits living just off the parking lot. I love 'em as I hear that squirrels are afraid of them.


missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Darling those hands look disembowled, I hope they're not yours.

mommanator said...

O honey I am so glad for those posies in your life, at least its all not graffiti!
Great new look to your blog! I will always be here!

Merci said...

The god complex seems to be on the rise, doesn't it?

We gave up on requests for a comfortable office temperature. We bought fleece throws to wrap up in in the summer, and we wear our summer clothes in the winter. They could cut back on the energy bill and save a few jobs at our digs.

Glad your sister is doing well!

Honeybmse said...

1st So glad your kid sis is doing well and I wish her a speedy recovery.... in my officeland I have two woman who think that they each control the temp and it is I that suffer, too hot too cold God forbid I get a hot flash and open the side door you would think I let it rain inside as well as made it happen outside!

Squirrels due not like bunnies so enjoy your garden and watch it grow.

Take care and I enjoy reading your work.