Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Broadway Doesn't Go For Booze and Dope

So did anyone else get a chuckle watching Rocker, Brett Michaels getting conked on the head by a moving set on Sunday night's Tony awards?

Here's what the fine folks at TV Overmind said about Michael's misadventure:

Okay, wait, Poison was in a broadway musical? For those of you who’ve been in a coma today, Brett Michaels knocked himself stupid (well, more stupid) as he exited the stage of the Tonys when a set prop was lowered onto his head. LOL. Let me say that one more time…A set prop was lowered onto his head! Not only did the poor guy get knocked to the ground in front of a live audience, but then his slightly squashed cowboy hat remained on stage for the rest of the number. It could be seen a few minutes later getting stomped on by the cast of Shrek the musical. Now if there’s one thing that i never thought I’d see, its an Ogre dancing on Brett Michaels hat. And if that wasn’t enough, Neil Patrick Harris even got to come out later and make jokes about it (since Brett was okay and all, apparantly we can all make fun of him now). The Tonys might have only had seven million viewers see Brett get slammed last night, but don’t worry, the other 297 million of us got to see the clips on YouTube and the rest of the web today. So basically we’re all winners in this one, and Brett is the BIGGEST LOSER! LINK

Here's the video...

Funny, huh? All the wild rock and roll living, and the guy is whacked by a set at Radio City Music Hall ... I guess Helen Lawson was right when she said, "Broadway doesn't go for booze and dope."

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missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Darling I'll tell you what it was, it was the ghosts of Ethel Merman and Mary Martin punishing him for bringing Rock and Roll dreck to Broadway.

But honestly dear I never heard of this "Michaels" goomer until that night.