Tuesday, May 05, 2009

40 Days and 40 Nights

It rained again today, but tomorrow it's just going to be cloudy, and then it's going to rain again on Thursday; Friday and Saturday promise thunderstorms; Sunday will be cloudy; Monday and Tuesday might give us a break; but it's back to cooler temps and more rain after that ...

I'm sorry, I know it's stupid to complain about the weather, but goddammit, I am sick and tired of this "Sylvia Plath Weather System".

Is it possible for the soul to get waterlogged? If so, I might need an internal dehumidifier.


Karl said...

Gotta agree Pax. I try not to complain about the weather because you can't change it, you just have to live with it. BUT THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS!

missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Darling as I've always said, rain is nothing more than a leak in God's colostomy bag.

Rick said...


Move to Chicago and then you will have something to complain about. People in Joisey complaining about a little rain is why the the phrase Weather Weenies was invented.
By me. Just now.