Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Post Card from The SS Officeland (AKA The Titanic)

We were in a tizzy today in Officeland when a rumor ran rampant up and down the halls that the Great State of New Jersey's accounts have been frozen.

Say what?

The rumor has it that many of the services we provide will be unavailable until next fiscal year .


Nothing official yet, but many of the managerial staff looked to be in a state of panic as last minute meetings were being held, and rank and file drones were asked about how much money was being spent on various programs.


I can not fathom that after years of spending like a drunken sailor, my department suddenly finds itself broke. Did no one see this coming until today?

Of course it's just a rumor ... then again, I see a big iceberg off in the distance.


Frank said...

Man, I hope the rumors aren't right. Sounds nuts what's going on at Officeland...furloughs, now this rumor. Yikes.

Karl said...

Don't believe ALL you hear in Officeland....I find more and more they love to take little pieces of information and blow it up tremendously. What a place!

Pax Romano said...


Even the R.A.? She looked to be in a total panic. Even today, they had Lisa pulling all sorts of info on money spent etc. I left at 1 to go to field visit in Franklinville so I missed everything after that.

Karl said...

I'll explain later if you want.

Pax Romano said...

I'm all ears!!!

Merci said...

Hmmm, there were similar statements by in our office today (Thurs.). Think the rumor had to do with a particular type of budget. The budget they SHOULD freeze is the hiring and promotion budget. Too late for that, though, since the ridiculous promotions have already gone through. But then, isn't the general public under the misconception (propagated by the governor's office) that there is a hiring freeze in effect in NJ State Government??? And the powers that be think that we are HAPPY to take unpaid days off and HAPPY that they are using the $$$ to promote their pals...They are much like Nero...