Sunday, March 22, 2009

What I Learned this Week

I learned that lightning not only strikes twice, but sometimes thrice. Often for good, twice as often for bad.

I learned that bad behavior will be rewarded, while good behavior will leave you out in the cold (just ask any of the AIG execs who got their bonus checks last week, and compare that with the rank and file scrambling to make ends meet).

I learned that several folks I work with are not the people I thought they were. I was both surprised and disappointed.

I learned that if you are taking ski lessons, it might be best to wear a helmet. Rest in Peace, Natasha Richardson.

I learned that I have been able to control my stress level, though I fear I might just be bottling it all up.

I learned that I can make a great meatloaf.

... that's what I've got; so what did you learn this week?


et said...

March 22, 2009
Pax, I’m going to try and answer your question; “What have I learned this week?”

Due to a nasty sinus infection that traveled to my ears and then to my lungs, I was forced to take life easy; I’m on day 6 of taking it hard. You know the routine: take your meds, drink water, coffee, lie in bed, lie on couch, eat (even food you normally love tastes like paste) then you have the privilege of getting up the next morning and doing it all over again.

Well, two days ago, an old friend came by; his presence took me by surprise. I realized that I didn’t even know he was gone. I said to him, “Wow, it’s so nice to hear from you! No answer from him. I then inquired, “Where have you been; I’ve missed you! He answered with an over-whelming projection of tranquility that radiated into my inner being to the place where all of my trepidations are stored, the subconscious. Long story short…this friend is my spiritual guide who is usually silent until needed. Evidently, I’ve been remiss in getting in touch with my inner self. I’m not making this up and I’m not certifiably ready for the mental health doc, either.

So, what I’ve learned this week is: To be still and listen to my inner self, embrace what I can not change and above all else, love myself, just the way I am. In addition: don’t expect anything, this way I’ll never be disappointed.

You made a great meat favorite comfort food. Yummy!

Pax Romano said...


That was beautiful ... thanks for sharing. The next meatloaf will have your name on it. I'll send it home via that guy I work with that you know.

missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Well darling I was just devestated to learn that most people have never heard of the Social Register, Burke's Landed Gentry or the Almanac DeGotha but then I don't think those are people you really want to know.

Pax Romano said...


Never heard of the Almanac to Wikipedia I go.

missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Wouldn't you know my spelling was off darling, "Almanach de Gotha". I'll probably be drummed out for that faux pas.

et said...

Miss Magnolia, you must find it very difficult to be discriminated against by the “Old Money’ group, you being one of the nouveau riche. You poor thing, at times, it must be quite exasperating for you to be snubbed by the rich and famous while your entire demeanor exudes cultural sophistication beyond all social boundaries. Love and kisses from one who cares a bunch, it's been a long time since I've talked to you.

Merci said...

I learned the co-worker lesson a few weeks back, myself. Officeland is a brutal place. The lesson has an upside, though, because it made me treasure my true friends, my family and my private life even more. The office is just a place we go to get paid. I just show up on time, do my job, and shake the dust off at 5pm every day.

mommanator said...

You two are something it took ya that long to find out about officeland-you are SLOW LEARNERS

You didnt add clean a fish tank!

Liz said...

I have to share this as a former office worker. I rarely divulge any info regarding my personal life. I tell people at work what I want them to know which is basically the surface stuff. I don't go into any job situation looking for friends, I have friends. As et said, a job is a means to a paycheck. I keep to myself but am very pleasant and cooperative when approached. My lesson: an attitude of gratitude. I am grateful today for so many things in my life. Truly.

Liz said...

P.S. Pax, I adore the Edward Hopper graphic and reference on your blog heading!