Sunday, March 01, 2009

Random Sunday - Keep those Sauce Pans Handy

Morning all ... let's see what's going on, shall we.

Oh, it looks like a group of angry, white, fat, rich people all got together to scream and yell this week. But they picked a handsome Mormon to lead them, that's nice. Don't you hate sore losers?

Did someone say self immolation in a Walmart parking lot?

Praise god, someone is auctioning off a complete video tape library of Jim and Tammy Baker's Praise the Lord TV show! For the record that's 15,069 hour long tapes of running mascara and begging.

Don't mess with Ellen Basinski; I love the story of the 70 year old woman who fought off a group of teen thugs who broke into her home to rob her. Basinski picked up her favorite Emril Lagasse-brand sauce pan and whacked one of the punks in the head with it! Rock on Ellen!!!!

That's all for now, have a great sunday and keep those sauce pans handy!

1 comment:

missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Darling Pax I always keep an omelet pan under my bed, aside from fending off unwanted intruders who might harbor impure thoughts and have designs on my virtue indoor plumbing has not yet arrived to Canada so cookware under the bed saves us a trip to the backhouse on those cold winter nights when your too tired to hunt for your mules or maribou penoir.