Sunday, March 08, 2009

Oh Those Wacky Catholics

Imagine this:

A nine year old girl is raped by her step father and becomes pregnant. Distraught, her mother seeks out medical help and finds surgeons who will perform an abortion on her daughter (it is discovered that the child is carrying twins at this point). Happily the young girl comes through the procedure fine.

Then, a local Catholic official discovers this and has the mother, and surgeons excommunicated because the girl's unborn twins had a "right to live". The step father is not excommunicated however.

You have to love a religion that persecutes everyone except child molesters.



Liz said...

Normally I say live and let live, but how can anyone take this church seriously anymore? I mean come on. They are a mess but really no worse than any other religion.

missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Miss Liz is right "no worse than any other religion" but it's always the hypocrisy of the Catholic church that you seem to hear about, it's time that old Poop in Rome does some re-tooling and then perhaps others will follow but somehow I don't think so.

mommanator said...

abortion not ok, but incest is!?

Merci said...

The Big Guy's parents are devout, so I (divorced, protestant) am quite a source of discomfort. Oh, and we've been told that you can see the evil radiating from Obama's eyes. All democrats are evil.