Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Jersey The Fascist State

Violence breaks out when members of my Union show up in Trenton to protest Governor Corzine's newly formed Civil Service Commission. Watch how State Police handle's fucking unbelievable.

and then click on the section that says "Fighting over Furloughs" .

I wonder if they would have done this to AIG employees?

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et said...

Do I understand this right? Under the guise of “Imminent Peril” rules, the State of New Jersey is disregarding the union contract with its State Workers by using this veiled excuse to violate the worker’s rights. The “cost of living increase” will not be put through in July, and in addition, everyone will have to forfeit 1 day per month (furlough) of wages, for the next 14 months, starting in May, 2009.

The excuse, I believe is: “The State claims that if they don’t enforce the above action, the alternative would be to lay off 7000 workers.”

I’m sure there are plenty of state workers who could “drop a dime” (old saying) and inform the newspapers who and where the “no show” patronage workers are; those that collect a paycheck every two weeks for doing absolutely nothing, but kiss ass. I don’t know if there are 7000 of them, but I bet the dollar amount saved (if they were booted out) would be extensive.