Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Office Correspondence

These are the views of our shop steward, Medbh. I standby everything she says 100 percent:

"That is the crux of it, Pax. Either the state has enough money to function or it doesn't.

Corzine can't keep a special fund set aside for the salaries of political appointees and for so many new management positions, while most employees will take an 8.1% salary hit, due to the furloughs and the wage freeze, because he is crying fiscal crisis.

Either the state has enough money to function or it doesn't. The furloughs and wage freeze are a political gimmick to satisfy the public outcry over NJ's incredibly high property taxes, car insurance rates, etc. What did his Task Force look at when they reviewed where to cut spending? Did they consider consolidating some of the many municipalities and school districts that comprise 80% of the state budget? Did they consider increasing the income tax a bit more than .3/4% on those who make over $550,000? How about increasing the tax on alcohol? Or does that industry have too strong a lobby to go up against?

Even more importantly, this move by Corzine is in step with phasing middle class America out of existence. It is molding state government into a corporate structure. Corzine et al are attacking the strength of the Union (which protects a fair salary, benefits, and job security) by declining to negotiate with them, instead, he makes up his own rules and passes them through a self appointed committee.

He tried to cut the strength of the Union through bypassing the collective bargaining practice, and by Refusing to honor a legally binding contract that HE agreed to.

He is acting like a Decider Jr.

We need to take every means we can to ensure that he cannot emulate the other Decider.

Not only because this is probably just the beginning of an extensive plan to dismantle employee rights and any form of job protection, ( giving Corporations even more power, and allowing them to become yet more greedy) but because it is emblematic of the fashioning of our society into one of multi mil haves, and have nots.

Without job protection, we don't have a middle class."


Merci said...

I really resent that my unpaid time off is saving money so that management can hand out several unnecessary promotions to their buddies. I would have respected them all a lot more if they had taken a stand and said that this is not the time to give their friends a lifelong handout at our expense. There is an ever-widening reality gap in our management, both local and statewide. I resent their actions both as an employee and as a taxpayer. And I do worry about retribution for speaking out. We know it happens...

et said...

Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! Your shop steward sure knows her stuff. Very well said!

mommanator said...

your shop steward is one smart cookie- and we all know what thye did to her! I love her!
I am so glad I rretired! I can't tell ya how much!

Virginia Gal said...

I am sorry about the unpaid days off, I totally know aobut how the senior guys look out after themselves and forget about the little people, happens all the time. We need another French Revolution!

Zelda Parker said...

Well said, how long did we go without and now they want to break our contract?

While in an office last week I overheard a couple who said they could not afford to ove in NJ anymore and were moving to Co. Then the accountant told them that they owed ten thousand dollars for state and federal taxes. How much do they expect us to endure? We are hard working taxpeayers too.