Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Bit of a Drag

So, yes, things have been a bit of a drag lately.

* The youngest sister does indeed have breast cancer, though it seems that it might be very easily dispatched. She has to have several more tests done before they do a surgery. Provided said tests show that the fucking cancer has not spread, her treatment should be relatively minor (lump removal, short term of radiation, no chemo). No matter what; you have to understand that my youngest sister is my favorite family member. She is cut from the same cloth as me, and I know exactly how she feels. I am torn up six ways to Sunday over all of this, and I want to hurt someone or something for causing this to happen to her. I know that's a nonsensical reaction, but it is what it is.

* Meanwhile, at work, we discovered that the Governor of the great state of New Jersey will send out lay off notices to all state employees next month. Of course, this is just a move on his part to cause fear, and create derision amongst the rank and file ... so far, he's getting just what he wants.

Look, I know that the economy is in the crapper, and I know that sacrifices must be made, I get it. But there are better ways to propose such things to the workers.

I, for one, am backing my union on this fight. We have a contract, and it must be honored. If they want us to furlough 14 days next year, and not get a cost of living raise, fine, but then it HAS to be across the board for the legislators, the political appointees, and the various other bastards hiding amongst our ranks. Furthermore, no more promotions should be given out (and trust me, there are promotions afoot - at least in my neck of the woods), and it's time to seriously reconsider the amount of wasted money I see doled out on a daily basis.

* Also at work, I have witnessed a good friend and co-worker treated like shit over a situation. Once more, the lack of any type of consideration for the rest of us from management is reprehensible. That a conscientious individual was pretty much kicked in the ass after putting himself and his health at risk over a situation that NO ONE want's to take responsibility for, makes me sick.

I want to have a Bastille Day - Like occurrence at Officeland soon.


missmagnoliathunderpussy said...

Honey I think it's a perfectly normal and rational reaction I felt pretty much the same way when I found out my mother had Alzheimers. If this was a case or early detection on the doctor's and your sisters part, thank God for that she'll more than likely be fine and the operation successful. It's tough but keep smiling your sister will need you to do that and be there for her.

I don't know much about your Governor or the situation in New Jersey but he sounds like a school yard bully and people like those rarely prosper. Hopefully the unions will be able to stop this if only to prevent you from having to make a return to the Burlesque runways.

We love you darling and you'll be in out thoughts.

Frank said...

Man, I want your sister well. Good wishes to her...and you.

And I'll join you to kick some ass. People who mess with my friends get their asses kicked...even Gov. Corzine.

Merci said...

I don't think the governor knows about the promotions (some of which are rumored to have take effect already) and hiring. It looks like the Department is playing it slimy.

I'm sad about the changes I'm seeing in management style lately. It doesn't bode well for our last several years.

Healing thoughts to your sister.

Wyoming Miller said...

Can't believe all the bullshit you and the fam have had to endure as of late. Thinking of you often and hoping for the best.

Speaking of bull shit, I don't miss all of the political slim bag maneuvering from officeland at all. Hope the union is able to flex some muscle and hold some of these shady characters accountable.