Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Just Warmin' My Self by the Fire

The wood man came.

We piled the logs by the side wall outside until an obnoxious neighbor came over and said, "You can't stock the wood that close to your unit, it's a fire hazard!!!" The wood man (who was awfully cute in a scruffy / hippie sort of way) said, "Well then why don't you help us re-pile it elsewhere?"

Obnoxious neighbor says, "I'd help, but I had two heart attacks and three by pass surgeries". To which wood man replies, "Well, if you minded your business, your blood pressure might stay down".

Me and wood man laugh as obnoxious neighbor storms off.

We restock the wood by a tree and hope that we are not creating a fire hazard for the squirrels and birds who live in said tree.

As we are working, wood man tells me all about his life in Portland before he moved back to Jersey. I laughed as he told me about living deep in the woods of Jersey. When I asked him if he had a Trans Am up on cinder blocks on his lawn he guffawed and said, "Yeah, it used to belong to my sister!"

Anyway, when all was said and done, I brought in some of the logs and started a fire that has been burning beautifully all night long . Life is good.

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