Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So my day starts like this ...

6:45 this morning, I am in the shower and about five minutes into it, Whatshisname is pounding on the bathroom door.

Who died? I think.

"It's the neighbors in the unit downstairs, their bathroom is flooding", he informs me.

I emerge from the stall, lathered up, grab some towels and make my way to the other bathroom in hopes that I can continue in there without any more mishaps.

I finish up and am dressing; buy now, my significant other is back in bed sawing wood. A few minutes pass and the door bell rings. It's the maintenance man here to find out where the leak is coming from. "Could you come back in an hour ?" I plead. He agrees and peace reigns.

As I am leaving, I hear the growl of a wet-vac emanating from my neighbor's place.

I run to the car in hopes of avoiding any soggy looks from the people downstairs.

When I got home, a message on my voice mail informs me that they could not find out where the leak was coming from, and that the shower stall seems OK. I guess this will remain a mystery for the ages...

So how was your day?

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