Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bob Hope's Bigger than Life Visage

The picture below was to have been yesterday's Fave Foto; however I was a tad preoccupied with other things and never got around to it ... click this one on to really get a good look at it, and imagine yourself cruising down the road with a larger than life Bob Hope smiling from the rear end of the truck in front of you.

Here is the actual caption to the photo from the UCLA Library:

Title: Truck carrying bust of Bob Hope driving down Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, Calif., 1972

Published caption:
ON THE MOVE--A bust of Bob Hope is trucked through Hollywood on way to a paint shop for retouching before being sent to Palm Springs for Hope's forthcoming golf classic.

Los Angeles Times

Publication date:
January 28, 1972

Mags sent this loverly photo showing how they celebrate the New Year in Moose Jaw: The Annual One Legged Race!
So today, I have to get busy deconstructing Xmas ... bye bye lights, tree, cards, and various other ornamental brick-a-back ... like always, it's bittersweet putting all of this stuff away for another year - then again, anything to hasten the arrival of spring - That is, you guys know I love snow, but so far it's been a rotten season for the white stuff in these parts, therefore, let's just cut to June and bring on the warm weather.

Have a great Saturday all!

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