Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Y2K9 Microsoft Style (and other stuff)

Wow, been up since dawn ... traveled with the birthday boy to the memorial service for our friend's husband. Happily, Mama Jax and her kin seem to be doing well. She has a very strong family and friend (s) support network. While it was nice seeing a lot of the old Officeland gang; it was distressing that it took the occasion of someone's passing to get us all into the same room again.

Upon arriving home, a curious email awaited concerning the 30 gig Zune and how they all seem to be self destructing today. Apparently thousands of the little bastards won't do anything but show a loading screen. Of course, I fished mine out and turned it on and ... well as you can see from the picture on the right, my Zune is also comatose. Damn, and I spent the better part of the week loading tons of music on to it. Misery loves company; CLICK HERE to see how this odd happening is leaving many music lovers out in the cold. Seems that this started happening at midnight on 12.31.08. Happy New Years!

Finally, a busy day awaits. Going to start house cleaning for the get together tonight. And it looks like we might actually get some snow (if not today, then on Friday), so that's cool, as I love snow.

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