Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 One Shitty Year

OK, before I begin venting, I will acknowledge the two awesome events of this year: My escape to California back in the spring, and the election of Senator Obama in early November.

Other than those things, I can safely say that this has been one hell of a rotten year for yours truly.

Where to begin?

OK, in January the discovery that my mother had breast cancer. That started a wild ride of doctor's appointments and one early morning visit to the emergency room because mom thought she was having a heart attack (turned out to be a panic attack - and who could blame her?).

In February, my sister also found out that she had the same affliction.

March and April was just a blur of hospitals, and doctor's appointments for both. Both my mom and my sister had two separate surgeries each during this period.

May was a hodgepodge of work related stress as well as discovering that our bank account was comprised and that someone in the Midwest was using me and my partner's money to go on a shopping spree. Also this month, my car dies and I have to purchase a new automobile. I scramble and do some creative budgeting and end up with a tiny little car that is great on gas, but so small I feel like a sardine whilst in it.

In June, after returning from a well needed left coast vacation, I discover that a collection agency is trying to sue me over a debt that is suspicious at best. No amount of reasoning with said agency seems to work, so I end up paying an attorney some money to assist me in the matter.

In July, I hit 50 and begin a mid life crisis. I ain't kidding, this was a very rough milestone for me.

August and September, work continues to eat away at me ... I begin to count the years till retirement. I start to actual grow to despise what I do for a living.

October finds Dad in the hospital for a heart ailment. Luckily, it's nothing serious but he's kept at the hospital for a little over a week and it really takes the wind out of his sails ... once more my family is thrown for another tailspin.

In November I develop a sinus infection that just won't quit and also discover I have hypertension and am put on medication that throws me for a loop.

By the time Xmas rolls around, I am pretty much running on fumes. I still pull it together and smile through it all (because that is what expected of me), but this year, I am just going through the motions.

Last night at midnight, with a handful of friends celebrating the New Year, I continued my own tradition by burning last year's calendars in the fireplace - a sort of ceremonial exorcism of the past. I hope it works.

Here's to a stress free, warm and cozy, happy and healthy 2009 for all of us!

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