Monday, February 12, 2007


I spent this morning at The Funkytown Cut and Run Surgery Center so that I could be gutted like a fish to repair a hernia that has never caused me any grief other than an unsightly bump in the wrong part of my groin.

Be that as it may, I opted for the surgery.

When they had me on the operating table and began the drip that was filled with some kind of sedative, I had that warm feeling all over, kind of like what happens when you drink brandy on a cold winter's day . The sedative mellowed me out to no end, and apparently had me speaking candidly.

Just before I drifted I said, out-loud, "Oh this feels fucking great".

The last thing I heard was the rather mannish nurse at my side let out a throaty guffaw.

When I opened my eyes again, I was still on the table and I said, "Is that it?" And the rather mannish nurse replied, "You are just getting sewed up honey, everything went perfect".

No kidding, I almost jumped off the table, luckily mannish nurse held me down saying, "Not so fast, sparky..."

So, all in all, it went pretty well. Did I mention that my Mother, Father and Sister all showed up? Poor Whatshisname had to entertain the clan while I was being sliced and diced...did I also mention that my mother waltzed into the recuperation room and when the nurse said, "Mam, you can't come in here," Mama Romano dismissed her thusly by saying, "Mind your business, sister, that's my son over there..."

I pulled the blanket over my head wishing for more of that strong sedative again. Mama managed to spend five minutes in the room before an orderly escorted her out.

Right now it's about 9:15 and I am pretty sore (down there) and feel kind of washed out, but other than that, I feel OK.

I have a huge bottle of percocets that they sent me home with, but I've yet to take one; I am relying on Motrin, and that seems to be doing the trick ... besides, why waste a good narcotic on pain???

Anyway, that's all for now...a special thank you to Justrose who tossed me the keys to the Rowhouse on Sunday and let me post there, yer the best baby!

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