Friday, January 26, 2007

Welcome Chuckie and Cammie

Since my attempts to secure tickets for Saturday's live performance for A Prairie Home Companion seem doomed (one jerk on craigslist tried to sell me two tix for 200.00 a piece, and then claimed that the seats might have an "obstructed view"), I've decided to call it sour-grapes and prepare for the social event of the season; that's right, the visit of Prince Charles and Princess Consort to be Camilla to these United States which is starting in Philadelphia!

I've planned a whirlwind itinerary for the royal couple.

We'll begin with cocktails at Dirty Franks, followed by a tour of the tap-room's art gallery. From there, we will be whisked via limo, to Giovanni's Room for a book signing, and then it's off to Va Va Va Voom Lounge where Justrose will do a private dance recital for the royals. After that we are off to Pat's Steaks for a quick bite and then I've chartered a private train to whisk us all over the bridge to South Jersey where we will retire to my Villa in Utopia to enjoy a night of Blockbuster videos and pizza.

I can't see how they won't be impressed.

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