Friday, January 26, 2007

Preparing for the Royal Visit

It's a complete madhouse here at Villa Romano!

We've been very busy preparing for the visit of Chuck and Cam, but I managed to steal away and take a few photos to show you all what's been going on.

Magnolia arrived a few hours ago with enough luggage to fill the west wing of the estate, but that was OK, she also brought along her domestics, Propecia and Rogaine, and they've been such a help!

Earlier in the day, we stopped on over to the Va Va Va Voom Room, and watched as Justrose practiced her new routine that she will reveal tomorrow afternoon for the royals!

Let me tell you something kids, Rosie's new number is mesmerizing, especially when she recites the complete works of Proust while hanging twenty feet in the air balancing a cocktail shaker on her left knee and a flaming baton on the other! The staff at the Va Va... were on their feet cheering during the finale when she is shot from a cannon to the strains of "God Save The Queen" and lands in a twenty foot high martini glass!

Later on, Rosie joined Mags and I at the villa for this evening's rehearsal dinner.

Even my significant other, Whatshisname, got into the spirit and spent some time consulting with the other guests over royall protocol. He promises not to sing "Happy For the Rest of Your Lfe" to Chuck.

And finally, I'd like to thank the Utopia Burger King for supplying tonight's meal!

Imagine it, 750 bags of Whoppers and onion rings and another 750 strawberry milkshakes all served to the guests who showed up at the great hall in Villa Romano tonight...

...of course, this is just a dry run, check in tomorrow to see how the real event went!

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