Saturday, January 13, 2007

No Room On The Prairie for Me

I admit it, I absolutely love Garrison Keillor's Saturday night radio program, A Prairie Home Companion, and for years I've been waiting for the traveling cavalcade of down home eccentrics to make their way to my neck of the woods so that I could see a live performance of the show.

So, imagine my sheer delight when I discovered that the show was coming to the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia on January 27th! I trembled with utter joy when I heard this, imagining myself front and center clapping along with the audience during the Powdered Milk Biscuits song, or laughing hysterically over the adventures of Ruth Harrison, Reference Librarian, and Guy Noir, Private Detective (who works in that city that "knows how to keep it's secrets")... yup, this was going to be a nerd's-dream-come-true!

So, imagine my sheer devastation when I discovered that the show was already sold out! I even called the Kimmel Center last night to see if there were standing room only spots or individual seats available. There were none.

Oh misery! Oh agony! If only the Catsup Advisory Board could help me now!

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