Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fan Mail From The Religious Right

It seems that some one out there spends a great deal of time searching my blog for my views of certain television preachers. It's been ages since I've mentioned Jentezen Franklin (AKA BSMF)

It would appear that THIS POSTING gets looked at a lot (check out some of the damn comments!!!). It also generates a lot of email, most which I delete; however, this afternoon when I went to the old mailbox here at Pax Romano Inc and discovered this latest missive ... well I felt that a reply was due.

First, the email:

Pax, I don't know you and do not judge your heart. But the fruit of your mouth speaks wrongfully. Whether we are Christians or not, we are not to judge a man's heart, but we are able to judge the fruit of that individual. You must be a man who has been deeply hurt for the comments said about Rev. Franklin. I have seen the same performance, and it was clear about its message. Your eyes saw what it wanted to see to justify your own pain. You need Jesus Christ in your heart and I will pray that a transformation will take place and a life changed. God loves you and would have sent His Son to the cross if only for you. Don't be hard, dear one, but allow the Holy Spirit to show you real "truth" such as you have never known.
Donna in Jacksonville, FL

And now the reply:

Donna, I don't know you either, so we are even.

I will not judge your heart either.

That said, please take a deep breath and understand that what was written about Mr. Franklin was tongue in cheek, it was satire, it was not to be taken seriously. Franklin is a public figure with a much larger stage than I will ever have, he uses the airwaves to get his message across. I am just a mere speck out here in cyberspace who sees what he sees and comments on it. I doubt that my mocking of this television preacher will harm him or his ministry in any way shape or form.

Please don't pray for me; save your prayers for more important things. Pray for the families of those who have died in Iraq, pray for the homeless who dot the streets of this country, pray for the mentally incapacitated, pray for the lonely and the broken hearted, pray for the ill, pray for the world leaders that they might guide us to a more stable future, pray for the close-minded individuals who would deny rights to others, pray for those who are easy prey for the charlatans of the world...

Thank you for taking the time and writing to me.
Pax Romano

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