Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Doable Resolutions

So it's that time of year when everyone makes up their resolution list. We've all done it; we swear to eat less, drink less, quit that bad habit, take up that good habit, etc. And usually by year's end we have forgotten those promises we've made to ourselves.

This year, then, I thought I'd come up with a short list of some doable resolutions, things I might actually accomplish.

Let's see how good or bad I do.

1: From now on, I swear to see the glass as half full (especially if it's half full of a good merlot).

2: I promise not to keep telling people to stop using the word "amazing" even though the sound of it makes my skin crawl.

3: I will not judge someone who identifies themselves as a Christian (that is until they begin to prostilitize, at which point I will box their ears and quote them the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, who once said, "Lighthouses are more helpful than churches.").

4: I will stop re-ending cars with those yellow "We Support the Troops" bumper ribbons on them.

5: I will stop saying to people who voted for Bush, "Told Ya' So!!!". Well, maybe not.

6: I will start a petition to get Garrison Keillor to bring his company to the Philly / South Jersey area to do a performance of a Prairie Home Companion.

7: I will NOT stop whining until we get some decent snow here in Joisey this winter ... come on already, it's January and it's still in the 60's!!!

8: I will not bitch over the fact that my car is still in the garage and will not be ready until some time on Wednesday, DAMN IT! ...oops, too late!

9: I resolve to never stop believing that this war in Iraq was a horrible mistake and a sinful waste of human lives, and that many people in power have innocent blood on their hands.

10: I will listen less to the naysayers and more to the optimists, I resolve to get my rose colored glasses refitted!

Happy New Year!

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