Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Deconstruction Mode

2007 is shaping up to be a wonderful year, and it's less than two days old.

Yesterday, I slept most of the day ... got up, ate, napped, rinse, lather, repeat. Missed dinner at my folks house due to sleeping.

Today my car remains at the shop, so I did not go into work. All totaled, it's going to run me 550.00 for the repair work as well as the inspection. Goody. More money to be spent after the wallet draining month of December.

Spent the morning deconstructing Xmas. Every year I say the same thing; "I will neatly bind up the lights and wrap them in individual plastic bags" ... yeah right. Everything went into huge bags and boxes until three hundred and some days from now when I am cursing the knots...

The tree was a royal bitch, but it is now on the deck ( it is a potted, live tree now going on to it's second year).

We have tons of left over cakes and cookies and various other holiday sugar coated treats. I think I am going to box all of that crap up and bring it into work tomorrow; chances are nothing will be left by day's end.

We also have left over bottles of beer that have been sitting in the cooler since New Year's eve, so I guess I'll be dumping them since you can't re-refrigerate beer.

The microwave blew up the other day, so it is now just a happy memory, and the vacuum cleaner sounds like it's ready to go the same way...

Damn, this boy needs a vacation (all expenses paid).

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