Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Xmas Gift Guide (5th in a series)

Coochy Coochy

Oh lord, look at this: It's Coochy Shave. Give this one to the lady in your life on Xmas morning, and chances are you'll be sleeping on the sofa come Xmas night!

Get her Coochy Shave HERE

Jerk Off Help I

Do you know a man who does not how to, ahem, pleasure himself?

I thought not.

Be that as it may, Solo Sex -Extended Pleasure for Men claims to the be the DVD that will teach the self lover on your holiday list how to enjoy himself for a very long time.

Get Solo Sex HERE

Jerk Off Help II

To help those other jerk-offs in your life (and especially the one currently in the White House), The Iraq Study Group Report is just what the doctor ordered.

Give one to all the fools you know who voted for Bush, and what the hell, send another copy to Pennsylvania Ave, who knows, maybe W. will actually read it!

Get The Iraq Study Group Report HERE

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