Saturday, December 02, 2006

Waitin' On the Cable Guy

After a week and a half, today is the day that Comcast is supposed to come and hook up my new phone service as well as upgrade my cable to include DVR (which is a kind of like Tivo) and several other premium channels.

We were courted by Comast directly because Verizon is wiring our neighborhood for their cable/phone service.

According to the salesperson who came to our place, we will pay the same amount for all services as we were paying before ... not a bad deal, plus we get to drop our existing phone service which should save about sixty bucks a month.

Initially, the hook up was supposed to occur last week, but due to some kind of coaxial voodoo, it had to be switched to today.

The service man is supposed to be here between eight and ten this morning...I wonder what that translates to in real time?

Stay tuned...

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