Sunday, December 24, 2006

Visions of Sugar Plums

i think this picture is a tad spooky

Another Xmas Eve dinner has come and gone with my family and another fabulous meal by my better half had been devoured and enjoyed, so that was good.

Of course, there were dramas:

My sister and mother got into it over something she said to my niece a few years ago. Mom denied this, but my niece called her on it, and soon Mama Romano put on her martyr drag and began lamenting, "Why does everyone only remember the bad things?" That was my cue to open some wine and grab a cigarette. Whatshisname also took his leave and we retreated to the relative safety of the kitchen where we pretended to bother ourselves with domestic duties.

I drank a lot more wine until the dust settled, and eventually it did.

The next drama began just a few minutes ago when Whatshisname asked if I saw a gray plastic bag on the table this afternoon.

I did not.

"You probably threw it away, it was a gift for you!" (his stock excuse whenever he misplaces something).

A trash can search ensued but proved fruitless. Next he went out to the dumpster with a flash light, but still no luck.

"Was it an expensive gift?", I asked.

No answer, just more huffing and puffing.

Now he is in the back room wrapping my gifts ... yup, at almost midnight on Xmas Eve, he finally got around to wrapping my gifts -- and you wonder why I love this guy so much.

Yes kids, it's a not so Silent Night at Villa Romano (uh oh, I think he just ran out of wrapping paper, that would be my fault also), so from my happy dysfunctional house to yours, Merry Christmas...and remember, don't toss away any gray plastic bags, for Christ's sake!

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