Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Things I Learned at this Year's Office Party

Officeland's annual Holiday party was held this afternoon; like every year it's a learning experience.

To wit:

1: Tell the co-workers that the party starts at noon, and by 11:45 they are circling the food tables like hungry vultures at a ten car pile up.

2: If this is a potluck, the co-worker who eats the most, brings the least.

3: Stromboli disappears as soon as it is revealed.

4: Red sweaters and shirts are de rigueur at a Holiday office party (yes, I wore a red sweater today).

5: Pirate Pollyanna's bring out the worst in certain people.

6: Clerical staff are serious about these events!

7: If a dessert is called, "Death By Chocolate", beware: it's named that for a reason.

8: Someone always brings a bag of chips and a bottle of warm Coke. See # 2.

9: If someone eats with there mouth open, chances are I will be seated next to them.

10: Beware of the co-worker who shows up with the party sized ice chest, they will be taking all of the left-overs home with them!

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