Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Street of Dreams

utopia: city of light

That photo you see above, is of a street about a mile from where I live. I love the people on this street, because they always go whole-hog on Xmas with the lights (as well as on Halloween and The 4th of July). I suspect this a street of displaced South Philadelphians (much like yours truly), who have found themselves transplanted into the oh-so-tasteful suburbs of Joisey; but who have said NO to the single white candle holder in the window, and YES to the Las Vegas style of decorating that is near and dear to my heart.

On this street, back yards and front yards are aglow in seizure inducing flashing light shows of dancing snowmen, waving Santa's, and frolicking reindeer.

Floodlights in green, red and blue paint the sidewalks while overtaxed sound systems blare holiday songs for everyone to hear.

Take a walk down this tiny back street, and you'll think you're in Disney Land.

I am sure some sneer at these overdone displays of Yuletide cheer, but I say, "To hell with them all, light up baby! Bigger is better"!

On any given night, you will see car after car of well heeled Utopians slowly cruising down this street,stopping to take pictures or just staring at the displays in disbelief.

I think that, deep down, they wish they could do the same to their abodes without being drummed out of the Laura Ashley Society.

tasteful detail of tasteful light display

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