Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday A Go Go

Today is "Baking Day" here at Villa Romano. The day when Whatshisname commanders the kitchen to whip up cookies, brownies, cakes and various other delectable goods.

I am banished to the east wing during this day, so I figured I'd post now before the culinary madness begins.

I plan on a Starbucks run later, a bit of last minute Xmas shopping, and then maybe a couple of movies that I'll watch.

Tonight we have Whatshisname's company holiday party.

But the big news is tomorrow, for the First Ever Romano Family Reunion!

That's right! My sister is hosting aunts, uncles and couisns at her house.

This marks a rare occasion when the extended Romano Clan leaves the confines of South Philadelphia and travels to New Jersey for something other than a trip to Atlantic City.

Stay tuned for updates.

Happy Saturday all!!

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et said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! Clan gathering is such fun! Have a great time of it!!