Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Random for Boxing Day

graphic credit phil levine

While it felt like most of the rest of the world was still in a post Xmas stupor, I drove into work this morning and spent a very non-eventful three hours drinking coffee and eating croissants with two other unlucky co-workers who were Scrooged into working this week. I felt bad that I was only going to be there for a few hours, knowing that they were stuck there for the balance of the week, but I got over it once I left at 11.

Considering that it is Boxing Day, I was expecting all the people I serve during the year would call me offering all kinds of gifts and free money ... my phone did not ring once the entire time I was there. Then I remembered that I don't live in Great Britain (or Canada).


The car is scheduled for service and goes in tomorrow night, hopefully it won't cost much as I am down to the stems and seeds after spending this holiday season.

Speaking of money, as I was getting into my car this morning to leave work, a middle aged woman walked up to my vehicle and knocked on the window. I rolled down and she said, "Do you have a dollar?" This being the season of giving, I gave her a buck and she said, "Thanks" and went on her way. -- I found it rather curious, this exchange of money; Pay a buck and get a half assed 'thanks' in return -- then as I was driving away, I saw the same lady stopping someone leaving the video store. I wonder how much they paid for a half assed 'thanks'.


Long Lost Blogger, Joey B, emailed me this morning with information that his father, a Reverend in Atlantic County, New Jersey was interviewed on his views of Same Sex Civil Unions. Joey's dad, Reverend Michael Bolduc is featured in the first two sections of the article (LINK) - you might have to register to read the piece, but it is free.

Now if you'll all excuse me, I have to prepare for the arrival of Princess Demon Child who will be spending the night here.

Happy Boxing Day all!

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