Monday, December 25, 2006

Holiday Hangover

I can't eat another thing, nor can I have another damn sip of eggnog or a flavored coffee, don't even come near me with a cookie or a piece of cake or pie... I am sure my blood sugar level is not where it's supposed to be. I need to detox.

I scored some nice loot this year including the complete boxed set of every episode of Six Feet Under, a Kohl's gift card, the latest Stephen King novel, The Beatles Love CD, A Prairie Home Companion DVD (my fave film of this past year), and several bags of coffee as well as a Starbucks gift card.

Did I mention that this holiday turned out to be The Season of The Scarf?

My darling Zelda knitted me a fab winter scarf, my friend Lulu gave me a nice Isotoner scarf and my uncle gave me a scarf that had some lucre wrapped in it ... now, if it would only get cold enough I've got my neck warming gear ready to go.

I showered Whatshisname with a bevy of booty including a new digital camera, a DVD recorder and a ton of new cookware.

Tomorrow he plans on going out with the money his mother gave him and get a laptop PC.

Tomorrow I have to go to work in the morning, and then drop my car off in the afternoon for some repair work and an inspection, and then my neice is coming over to spend the night (which means an evening of popcorn, pizza and Nick Toons).

Things will get even more fun by the end of the week as we prepare to host our annual New Year's Eve party, as well as Whatshisname's birthday (which is also on New Year's Eve).

I have a holiday hangover, and I need a long vacation.

Hope you all had a wonderful Xmas!

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