Sunday, December 17, 2006

Country Club Observations

From the tastefully decorated tree, to the fabulously prepared food, to the well stocked open bar; last night's fete at the Utopia country club was another sublime affair.

*Tell me, is it bad manners to tip your significant other's boss? The man was tending bar after all - I didn't realize who he was when I slipped him a few bucks for the well poured gin and tonics he provided.

*It seems that the publishing world is just rife with gay men, besides me and Whatshisname, there were quite a few others at this affair.

*Middle aged white folks can not dance to soul or funk music. Give it up people!

* A huge platter of shrimp served as an appetizer, will disappear rather quickly.

* Since when has wearing a sweater over a button down shirt, with said shirt hanging untucked from beneath the sweater become a fashion statement? I saw several younger guys with this look.

* Horny straight women are drawn to handsome DJ's ... the guy spinning the tunes last night could have had his pick!

* Why do people covet the poinsettia centerpieces at these affairs?

* Is it really necessary to be wearing one of those Lieutenant Uhura/ear piece cell phones at a Holiday party and hold conversations at your table with everyone listening?

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