Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Xmas Gift Guide (4th in a series)

Is there a man in your life who's looking to pad his assets? If so, The Big Boy is the crotch stocking stuffer for that guy who might feel he was cheated south of the Equator.

Get Big Boy HERE

Meanwhile, if you know a lady who might be sagging ... lift her spirits this holiday season with Bring it Up Instant Breast Lifts!

Now, Aunt Sadie's Tetons won't be going south of the border anymore - no sirree bob! After she's outfitted with these bad boys, she'll be strutting like Dolly Parton!

Get Bring It Up HERE

Now, take a real good look at the item on the right... yes, it's a Dora The Explorer Aquapet. Err, that is, well sure it is. Just because it looks like a ... well that is ...

Just think of the look of joy on the little girl on Xmas morning who finds this waiting for her.

Get the Dora Dildo Aquapet HERE

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