Sunday, November 19, 2006

Love is Old, Love is New

I am listening to the preview of the latest Beatles release, Love, in which producer George Martin and his son have remixed and "mashed up" the original tunes so that they might be more sonically pleasing to this generation of music lovers.

Probably the most interesting mix so far, is the acapella version of Because that starts the album...actually it's haunting to hear the harmonies with out any music... unfortunately I cant seem to get past the first few bars of the second track, Get Back, as the site keeps hanging up.

See if you have any better luck HERE.

So while I am in a Fab Four State of Mind; what's your fave Beatle tune? I've always been partial to She's Leaving Home, Helter Skelter, Me and My Monkey and Eleanor Rigby.

Fave Beatle? John, of course.

Well, It's been a hard day's night - but here comes the sun!

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