Sunday, November 12, 2006

Let The Teardrops Fall: It's Praise-a-Thon Time!

Praise the Lord and Pass the Pink Hair Dye: TBN is running the non stop shake down of the righteous Praise-a-Thon, again!

According to Pastor Paula White(on this afternoon's broadcast), Jesus wants your hard earned money, your "First Fruits" as White refers to them. "It might be a week's salary, a year's salary, I don't know", is how she put it at least a dozen times while she preached begged for money. Not to be outdone by her sister in piety, the indomitable, Jan Crouch took the microphone from White and talked about how she and her husband used all of their own money to start TBN. This testimony brought Crouch to tears...I was so touched I almost called to make a donation...or at least a prank call.

You all know how much I love Jan and her closet case husband, Paul; and doggone-it, these two have had a busy year!

Did you know that the Crouch's son backed and produced a major motion picture this year? Yup, Matthew Crouch, thanks to his parent's moolah, recently released the film, "One Night With The King". He's even now got his own production company! Mom and dad must be so proud; provided his latest epic turns a profit that is.

Last night on the Praise-a-Thon was a gay man's wet dream, when Tammy Faye Baker joined in the fun and while singing, Amazing Grace, burst into tears causing Jan to use one of her many tissues to wipe the smearing mascara from Tammy Faye's had to see this to believe it, it was the best thing on television this year!

Tune in, kids! Don't miss this craptacular -- watch the tears flow, the money come in, the cute young Youth Ministers, the wacky gospel singers, the hyperventilating Paula White, the B- list celebrities (so far I've seen former professional wrestler, Sting; former Charlie's Angel, Cheryl Ladd; and Stephen Baldwin), speaking in's all so surreal --- Jesus must have a sense of humor.

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