Saturday, October 21, 2006

Early Saturday Wrap Up

Happy Saturday all!

After a week and a half of this cold that has been hanging on, it's finally morphed into a freaking sinus infection; luckily I was able to sweet talk the doctor's office into calling in a couple of prescriptions for me with out having to make an appearance. I mentioned to the woman who answered my call that I'd been in to see the doctor with this same complaint roughly six-hundred and forty times in the past, surely everyone knows the drill by now.

Hello amoxicillin and Bromfed.

Whatshisname left for the coast this morning (4:30). I got up with him and wished him well, and then, of course, could not fall back asleep. So my arse is dragging.

Princess Demon Child is, as I type, sprawled out on the living room floor playing with her mini-video-game-thingy.

She spent the night here. We ate pizza and watched Disney movies, and kept it down to a dull roar so that we wouldn't wake Whatshiname, who turned in early because of his predawn departure.

Her mother should be over to get her within an hour to pick her up.

The rest of the weekend, I am hanging out the "Closed" sign.

I've got a bottle of Merlot with my name on it for tonight!

Yeeha, alone time, I love it.

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