Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Welcome to Officeland!!!

Here's a pictorial tour of where I toil: If heaven exists, then this is what it must be like:

To your left is the parking lot and the lovely, that's not the Taj Mahal it's the exterior of our charming work-place currently going through a major face lift!

To your right, is a view of my veal pen work station ; this is where the magic happens, where the cases are handled, the wrongs are made right, and the gossip is spread (on approved fifteen minute breaks of course).

This is the view from my desk. Isn't it inspiring?

On the right is the life blood of every employee in Officeland; you call it Coffee ... we call it Social Work Plasma . That's my treasured Pulp Fiction mug ...

The sink in the men's room is broken ... thank god for Purell!

We get a lot of visitors to our office, this map helps people find there way around...

No trip to Officeland would be complete without a visit to the cubicle of the Phantom Employee! Yes, this is it ... as you can see, vegetation has already taken over and reclaimed this space that has not seen human contact since some time in 1985...

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