Monday, February 06, 2006

"The Most Disgusting Web Site I Have Ever Seen..."

YES! I have been waiting for ages for an accolade like that...

It's been some time, but it seems that another of the faithful has found my blog, specifically they must have stumbled upon one of my several postings on PTL preacher, Jentzen Franklin (AKA Brother Sexymotherfucker)...jeez, can't anyone take a joke?

Here's what wrote to yours truly -


u need JESUS


God help ur soul, this is the most disgusting web site i have ever seen, you have slammed the man of GOd, the word of God "says touch not mine annointed", are u above God, take heed brother, If God parted the red sea for his children in Egypt, he will surely part them for Jentzen in Ga, find Jesus and repent, I will pray for you

For the record, this is not the first time one of the PTL faithful sent me fan mail ... HERE is a missive from last June .

Ha! I have now officially pissed off two members of the Religious Right ... life is good!

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