Saturday, February 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Justrose!!

Today is my darling Rosie's birthday ... here is a short illustrated history of her life:

As a young girl living on the Mainline in Philadelphia, little Rose was the apple of her grandfather, Milton's eye. He doted on the precocious little moppet and provided her with a library of the classics to read as well as her own petting zoo and a private driver who chauffeured her to Miss Mabel's School for Overachievers in Bryn Mawr...

Being a very bright child, Rose did not have many friends. She felt that she got along better with animals. Here she is with her beloved pet collie, Heathcliff on Christmas Eve when she was eleven years old ... it was said that the little girl and her four footed friend were inseparable until Heathcliff's untimely death when he was run over by a Tastykake truck on Broad street in Center City ... to this day, Rose can not eat a Tandy cake with out shedding a tear ...

It was during her high school years that the the quiet little flower named Rose bloomed. Voted most popular for four years running, Rose was homecoming queen, valedictorian, head of the cheer-leading squad and voted most likely to wear a plunging neck line at Albert Einstein High School.

While studying engineering and Sanskrit abroad, Rose stunned the world when she designed a solar powered aircraft carrier and warship. Here she is at a press conference with the prototype of "BIG ROSIE"... word has it that she made her first million after selling the rights to the ship to Lockheed Martin.

Upon graduation, Rose met the great love her life. The man known only as "S".

The son of Shakespearean actors, S swept Rose off her feet and after a whirlwind romance and a honeymoon in the South of France, the couple settled into a lovely row house in North East Philadelphia.

Prone to wild parties and histrionics, the couple began a quick downward spiral of boozed up nights and hungover days leading them both to be banned from row house cocktail parties .

Happily, after a short stint at Betty Ford, the couple emerged looking and feeling better than they had in years. Rose wrote a book about her battles with drink entitled, "Are You There Jack Daniels? It's Me, Rose" that went to the top of the bestseller list and was later made into a film that was hailed as the most powerful portrayal of substance abuse since "Valley of The Dolls". Rose won the Jacqueline Sussan Award for literature that same year.

It was while at Betty Ford that Rose befriended, former Republican lobbyist, and go-go dancer, ALa. Sensing Rose's flair for the dramatic, ALa talked Rose into touring with her in a road production of "Mame". The ladies had no idea what a big hit their endeavor was going to become and when it hit Broadway, it played for almost six years to a full house every night. The only drawback was that ALa was never able to get her hair back to it's original hair color again...but that's showbiz!

Once the play folded, Rose returned to the loving arms of S and her beloved row house. Today she divides her time between running a hotel, raising her beautiful and talented daughter, practicing tarot card readings, writing an opera based on the film "Double Indemnity" and perfecting a recipe for candy corn flavored martinis ... all in all a life well lead, by a tenacious, zesty and multi-talented woman.


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