Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Burt Bacharach Is Not Afraid to Speak The Truth

While most of the acts on the Grammy Awards tonight will thank god and their managers, their stylists and their agents, Burt Bacharch had more important things on his mind...

This is from Canada.Com (Grammy Gossip):

He won for best instrumental album, but composer Burt Bacharach had plenty to say at the 48th annual Grammy Awards, particularly about the war in Iraq. "I've never seen times like we've got right now," he said backstage, his young children by his side. "This is the future I'm leaving behind for these kids and I'm concerned because I think we've really made a mess of it." Bacharach, who won for "At This Time," accused President Bush of leading the United States into war by "lying" that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. "I never like to be lied to by a girlfriend or agent, and certainly not the president of the United States," he said. "I'm very concerned, as we all should be. That's why the album is called 'At This Time.'"

Speak the truth and shame the devil, Burt! Right on!

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