Sunday, January 01, 2006

Snapshots from New Year's Eve

As I cleaned up the debris of another New Year’s Eve party, the seventh one held at this very same location, I got to thinking about how all of these parties, tend to become one big blur of faces and incidents and spilt drinks and smoked cigarettes and snapped photographs.  The older I get, the more they blend together, until one day I am sure that I will not be able to recall if the guest who passed out in the bathroom with the shower curtain wrapped around her was from last New Years Eve or my 42nd birthday party in July of that following year…

Life is a party of snapshots.  Sometimes the picture is clear and other times it’s under lit or overexposed.

Last night’s photographs:

SNAP: One of our guests recently completed a short movie that he’d made while in film school in Manhattan.  Said guest is a quiet reserved fellow – I figure he’s been observing everyone all of these years and someday he will be writing and directing films where bits of all of our lives will be reflected.

SNAP: Penny Peoples-Hownowbrowncowski thinks she’s a nerd.  She said that to me.  I told her she was not … nerds never look beautiful or have a flair for fashion; ergo, she is not a nerd.

SNAP: Whatshisname, the life of the party, the birthday boy; he is being silly and gregarious and charming … sometimes I am astounded and confounded by his personality – he’s like two or there different people.  His party personality is full of hugs and kisses. I can’t help but notice how handsome he looks tonight.

SNAP:  Mr. Vodka Valley is talking bisexuality with a straight couple … in fact there seems to be a wealth of blue talk going on in the living room – It’s turning into a regular therapy session.  TMI!  Several guests flee the airing of couple’s sexual issues for the relative safety of the kitchen and the alcohol.

SNAP: I keep putting my wine down and forgetting where it is.  

SNAP: Lee Lee‘s plot to give Whatshisname a Kitchen Aid blender went over swimmingly.  He was thrilled with his latest culinary toy.

SNAP: I am talking to a party guest, I am not sure of his name, his hair has purple highlights, I am mesmerized by this and can not stop looking at his unique coif.

SNAP: One of the guests has had a bit too much to drink.  He wants to scale the balcony from outside.  Neighbors of mine see him.  I turn into the father figure and order him and the others inside, “I am going to call your parents”, I hear myself say.  But get this, everyone goes inside; I confess to enjoying that small feeling of power for what it’s worth.

SNAP: The birthday cake, dozens of digital cameras flashing like fireworks.  After he blows out the candles, we kiss, one public, soft sweet, sexy kiss … “Get a room”, somebody hollers out.

SNAP:  Midnight! Dick Clark on TV hugs and kisses all around.  Someone grabbed my ass.  I am not sure who it was.  

SNAP: It is now three AM, the last guest has left. We are cleaning up, filling the dishwasher, taking out bags and bags of bottles, running the vacuum cleaner, blowing out scented candles, trying to figure out who left this cell phone and that lighter … and somewhere around four, we retire to bed and he says, “Thank you for a wonderful birthday.”

Now, today, this morning, I will try and file these and the dozens of other snapshots into the an album so that in the future I can look back on them and recall New Year’s Eve 2005/2006 – wasn’t that a time?!

Happy 2006 all!

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